'Entourage' Movie One Step Closer to Reality

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For more than a year, fans of the HBO series "Entourage" have been waiting for some sign that they would once again get a chance to hang out with Vince, Drama, Turtle and E after the show came to an end last fall following a wildly successful about eight-season run. Sure, everyone involved claimed there would be a feature film, but if there's one thing fans learned from watching "Entourage," it's that Hollywood types lie all the time.

Well, now you can rest easy, because, according to Deadline, the "Entourage" movie is moving forward — and creator Doug Ellin has the completed script to prove it.

Or, technically speaking, he almost has a completed script, as he's actually still a few pages shy of finishing it. Still, the fact that Ellin is done  penning the long-awaited screenplay is sure to have fans buzzing almost as much as the news that the film will pick up six months after the TV series left off.

Either way, Ellin is just happy top finally have it done.

"I;m excited. I feel a lot of positive energy,” Ellin said. “Everywhere I go, people ask me, 'Where's the movie?'"

"Every time I see him," he added, "[producer] Mark [Wahlberg] says, 'I've made five movies this year, Get going!'"

Just how much longer it will be before "Entourage" fans actually get to see the film is still up in the air, as HBO hasn't officially given it a green light. But with stars Jeremy Piven, Adrian Grenier,  Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara all reportedly on board — and a shiny new script waiting for them — it hopefully won't be too much longer.

Now if only we could finally see some movement on that "Aquaman" film...