Daniel Craig Renews His License to Kill (Two More Times)

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If you think waiting in line at the DMV is bad, just imagine what James Bond has to go through in order to renew his license to kill. Seriously, that must be a ridiculous boondoggle, right? Sort this, file that, sign in triplicate, wait over in that line, get a bad photo taken, shoot Blofeld... what a hassle.

Luckily for film fans, though, Daniel Craig is apparently willing to endure all the rigamarole, because according to MI6, he's just re-upped for two more Bond films after "Skyfall" comes out later this year.

Of course, just how long it will take for Craig and the folks at EON productions to make two more Bond films is still up in the air, as it's already been six long years since Craig first stepped into the role of Briatin's most famous ladykiller in "Casino Royale."

Some of that delay, though, was caused by MGM going bankrupt (whoops!), so it's possible that Craig and company could soon be returning to the old fashioned Bond schedule, which used to see a new 007 film hit theaters every two years like clockwork.

Either way, considering how successful Craig's take on Bond has been both at the box office and with critics, two more outings is nothing but good news for everyone who isn't a member of SPECTRE.

Now if only we could get Craig to register our car for us...