Liam Hemsworth Makes Love, Not War, in 'Love and Honor' Trailer

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When it comes to romantic dramas, all too often the drama part is based on some sort of silly problem that has you shouting at the movie screen in the hopes that the main character will stop being a moron. Should he go with his one true love, or, you know, stick with that cushy dogsitting job. Really, c'mon.

Then there's the new trailer for "Love and Honor," which gives Liam Hemsworth's soldier a slightly larger dilemma: Either stay with the love of his life and risk being thrown into prison as a deserter, or return to the horror of frontline combat in Vietnam.

And here you thought Gale had it rough in "The Hunger Games."

Of course, that's where the honor part comes into play, as Hemsworth has to decide what the right thing to do is: Continue to serve his country by fighting a war he no longer believes in, or stand up for his convictions even if it means turning his back on everything he was fighting for. And as if that wasn't tricky enough, he's got the super-hot Teresa Palmer ("I Am Number Four") egging him on as well.

So what would you decide? Check out the new trailer for "Love and Honor," courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, and make your choice: