Ben Affleck Says There's No 'Justice' In Hollywood

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When reports surfaced earlier this month that Ben Affleck was being courted to direct the upcoming Warner Bros. superhero romp "Justice League," fans were pretty stoked. After all, Affleck has come a long, long way since his "Daredevil" days and with his star power behind the camera, the long delayed franchise looked to be in good hands.

But according to 24 Hours, Warner Bros. is going to have to head back to the drawing board yet again, as Affleck has denied that he will be directing "Justice League" after all.

Oh well. Thirty-fifth time's the charm, right?

"I'm not working on 'The Justice League,'" Affleck told the Vancouver news magazine. "One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that's how rumors get started.

"'Justice League' sounds really exciting," he continued, "but it's not something I'm working on."

Of course, people are already pointing out that Affleck hasn't said that he would never work on "Justice League," just that he isn't currently doing so. Which is a very "so you're telling me there's a chance" way of looking at things. But as much as we'd love to see Affleck behind the camera — or even in front of it as, say, Hawkman — it just doesn't look like it's in the cards.

You win this round, Lex Luthor!