'Jack Ryan' Gets Release Date, Sequels

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After a decade of delays, false starts and missed opportunities, Paramount's long awaited revival of Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" series is finally getting off the ground, as Deadline is reporting that not only have they finally set a release date for the film, they're also going to go ahead and turn it into a full-fledged trilogy.

All in a day's work for America's top intelligence agent.

Dormant since Ben Affleck's ill-fated 2002 effort "The Sum of All Fears," Clancy's "Jack Ryan" series has seen a lot of changes over the years, with the titular hero being played by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford as well. Now, though, it's Chris Pine taking over in a pre-boot that will explain just how the young Ryan became a CIA analyst to begin with. And that offers up plenty of juicy possibilities for director Kenneth Branagh.

"[It's] an original story that allows us to understand how Jack Ryan develops into a CIA analyst, before joining, and perhaps even joining, the CIA," Branagh, who will also appear in the film as a Russian bad guy. "It’s a very contemporary action thriller set in the here and now."

And after a decade of dragging their feet, Paramount is done screwing around, which is why they've recently announced that the film will a) be in theaters by the end of 2013 and b) will co-star Keira Knightley as Ryan's wife, Cathy.

Add in the fact that the film will now become a full-fledged trilogy, with Kevin Costner on board and Tom Hardy in talks to play fellow CIA operatives who may get their own spinoff movies, and it's clear that Paramount is hoping to turn "Jack Ryan" into their own shared-world "Avengers" style universe, only without all the costumes.

"Jack Ryan" fans assemble!

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