Wanna See 'The Avengers' Gag Reel? Sure You Do

[caption id="attachment_126082" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Marvel/Disney"]The Avengers[/caption]

You knew it was inevitable, that this day of reckoning would finally come: "The Avengers" has a gag reel.

And what a gag reel it is.

Set brilliantly to Jerry Reed's "Eastbound and Down," a.k.a. the theme song to "Smoky and the Bandit," these bloopers make it look like "The Avengers" may have been the most enjoyable $200-million Marvel Studios ever spent.

What marvels will you witness in this laugh-a-second clip? Chris Evans struggling to get a backpack on, Agent Coulson coming on to Captain America, Chris Hemsworth awkwardly juggling Thor's mighty hammer and Cobie Smulders ACT-ING!

There's plenty of crack-ups, corpsing and straight up mugging for the camera, as well as an occasional cameo from director Joss Whedon, who walks into a scene of the whole superhero ensemble having a bickerfest and proclaims, loudly, "STOP FIGHTING!"

Fans are also getting another unexpected treat with a deleted/extended scene of Loki while he still has Hawkeye under his wicked spell. The scene would have made it more blatant early on that Loki was deliberately trying to make a display of his villainy in Berlin to get caught by The Avengers so he could learn their weaknesses.