Jordin Sparks Opens Up About Working With Whitney Houston

In the new movie "Sparkle," Whitney Houston played the tough matriarch, Emma, to a family of sisters destined for stardom. Even though Emma wasn't always kind to Jordin Sparks' character, the "American Idol" winner loved every minute she got to work with the late legend.

"It was so crazy because I'd be on set and she'd be scolding me or having to give me a look or whatever," Sparks told MTV's "10 on Top" in an exclusive interview. "I'm just thinking in my head, 'This is the best thing ever. Do you guys see this? This is so crazy.'"

Listening to Houston sing on the set of "Sparkle" was also an emotional experience for Sparks.

"As soon as she opened her mouth, like balling. I just had tears the entire time," she confessed. "We shot for, what, three or four hours, and I could not stop crying the entire time."

Watch the video above for even more behind-the-scenes info on "Sparkle" and its star, including how Sparks reacted to getting the part, what it was like to wear clothes from the 1960s and which other movie remakes Sparks would love to star in. And be sure to check out "10 on Top" on MTV every Saturday at 11:30 a.m. E.T.