'Toys in the Attic' Trailer Nurtures Our Creepy Inner Child

[caption id="attachment_143210" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Hanover House"][/caption]

The new trailer for stop-motion animated adventure "Toys in the Attic" fills us with sweet emotion, even though it's not based on the Aerosmith album of the same name.

This European take on "Toy Story" concerns a community of playthings that come to life when no humans are around, which is a good thing too because some of them are so creepy they might get unceremoniously smashed with a golf club if anyone saw them.

"Toy Story" alum Joan Cusack voices a character named Madam Curie (That explains it! All the toys got radiation poisoning!), while Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker voices a teddy bear. Fan fave actor Cary Elwes is back in swashbuckling form as the voice of Don Quixote lookalike Sir Handsome, although the Buttercup/"Princess Bride" reference may be a tad on-the-nose. Incidentally, the character of Buttercup seems to be missing her nose.

We know who to thank for that dialogue too, as the writer/director of the English adaptation is actress Vivian Schilling, perhaps best known to fans of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" as the screenwriter/star of the atrociously delicious "Soultaker."

It was originally titled "In the Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today?" and is directed by acclaimed Czech animator Jiří Barta, famous for making puppets out of wood, although he relies on several different mediums to complete this one, including 2-D and computer animation, as well as live-action.

From the looks of it, the quality of animation is a little more herky-jerky than we're used to in more streamlined stop-motion movies like this week's "ParaNorman." In fact, the overall Eurocentric style is simultaneously whimsical and disturbing, like Michael Gondry, The Brothers Quay, and Jan Švankmajer decided to consolidate their collective nightmares to one 90-minute therapy session.

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