Tobey Maguire Named For 'Z For Zachariah'

[caption id="attachment_44424" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Tobey Maguire[/caption]

Tobey Maguire is preparing for the apocalypse.

The former (and forever) Spider-Man is set to star in and produce the screen adaptation of Robert C. O'Brien's acclaimed science fiction novel, "Z For Zachariah," according to Variety.

"Z For Zachariah" follows a Midwestern teenager who lives alone and maintains a farm in the only valley with breathable air (thanks to a the area's self-contained weather system) in the wake of a nuclear war. Her solitude — and safety — is threatened when two strangers arrive from the forest, with Maguire set to play a mysterious scientist whom the girl nurses back to health after he falls ill from a contaminated stream.

"Z For Zachariah" will be directed by Craig Zobel, whose controversial drama, "Compliance," opens on Aug. 17. The book, originally published in 1974, was adapted by Nissar Modi, who recently penned "Outback" for "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross.

Tobey Maguire continues to be very cautious about his post-"Spider-Man" roles, concentrating more on quality than quantity — it's great to see him picking challenging and interesting projects like this and "The Great Gatsby" (which, rather unfortunately, was recently pushed to Summer 2013). He also filmed a small role in "Life of Pi" for frequent collaborator Ang Lee but reports say the part was cut from the final film, which opens Nov. 21.

Production on "Z For Zachariah" will probably commence later this year, if not in early 2013. Meanwhile, you can check out a previous adaptation of the story over at The Playlist, which has compiled the videos of the 1984 episode of the BBC's "Play For Today."