Jesse Eisenberg Shows Off His 'Night Moves'

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Let's get this out of the way right up front: No, "Night Moves" is not the long-awaited Bob Seger biopic. Sorry, fans of the Silver Bullet will have to wait just a little bit longer for that elusive pipe dream to become a reality.

But according to Collider, "Night Moves" does have two other things going for it, namely the fact that Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning are in discussions to join the film as co-stars.

Rock on.

So just what is "Night Moves" all about? Well, according to the report, "'Night Moves' centers on three people who plan to blow up a dam, with Eisenberg as the ringleader, Fanning as the wealthy youth who funds their efforts and the previously reported Peter Sarsgaard as the technical man behind the bomb."

Of course, nothing is set in stone just yet; after all, Eisenberg himself is only up for the part because previous lead Paul Dano decided to drop out of the project. So a lot can still change between now and October, when the film is set to begin shooting.

Still, teaming Eisenberg with Fanning sounds like it's pretty much made of win, so here's hoping the two seal the deal. After all, we know the perfect guy to compose the soundtrack...