First 'The Smurfs' and Now 'ALF' Gets a Movie

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Hide your cats!

Hollywood continues to mine old '80s properties for 21st century reboots, even the most all-but-forgotten franchises such as "ALF," according to Heat Vision.

"ALF" (which stands for Alien Life Form, as explained by Max Wright's Willie Tanner in the pilot episode) followed the adventures of a furry wisecracking alien who came to live with a suburban family after crash-landing into their garage.

While never anything resembling great television,"ALF" got by on the charm of puppeteer Paul Fusco, who was also the series co-creator with Tom Patchett. "The show ended up airing for four seasons from 1986-1990.

Now, ALF is going to crash-land into some other garage as the star of a live-action/CG hybrid, a la last summer's "The Smurfs." In fact, the "ALF" movie comes courtesy of producer Jordan Kerner, who helped bring the Smurfs to the big screen. Both Patchett and Fusco are involved as well, with Fusco set to once again provide the voice of Gordon Shumway (ALF's real name, if you remember).

Okay, now that we've processed the fact that there's going to be an "ALF" movie, we have to say that such an endeavor has ... potential, no? And just think of the amusing cameos the original television cast — including Anne Schedeen (Kate), Andrea Elson (Lynn) and Benji Gregory (Brian) — will no doubt be making.

No director or writer is attached yet, but we imagine Sony Pictures Animation will be jumping on this once everything's up and running on the "Smurfs" sequel, which is set to hit theaters on July 31, 2013.