Chris Kattan Gives Us a Kinder, Gentler Bane

[caption id="attachment_142009" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Funny or Die"]Bane After Batman with Chris Kattan[/caption]


We'd like to think that Bane survived Catwoman's wrath at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises" if only because we got a chance to see the man behind the monster before he got blasted clear across the room. He wasn't a bad guy, really, just ...

Okay, yeah, he was a mega-evil terrorist who had to be put out of his misery (literally), but that doesn't mean the potential for good isn't in the heart of a man who was certainly capable of love (granted, the love he had was for a little girl who grew up to be another mega-evil terrorist, but still ...).

Yes, we'd like to think that Bane might spend his years after the unfortunate events of "The Dark Knight Rises" finding and exploring his inner good guy by being a friendly neighbor, going on picnics by himself and confusing the drive-thru employees at fast food restaurants. We imagine Bruce Wayne does, too, as he drinks espresso with Selina Kyle and settles into a life of boredom.

Chris Kattan (Chris Kattan!) imagines such a life for Bane. Check it out below, courtesy of Funny or Die.