VIDEO: Jeremy Renner Says 'The Bourne Legacy' is a 'Small' Movie

Even though the world has been waiting for "The Bourne Legacy" to hit theaters this summer, leading man Jeremy Renner doesn't think the movie is all that big — at least when it comes to keeping the production under wraps. Renner compared the secrecy involved in "The Bourne Legacy" to his other big summer blockbuster "The Avengers," and his answer might surprise you.

"'The Avengers' was really intense," Renner told MTV. "This one, I suppose, was really small in a lot of ways."

With all of the heart-pounding action and special effects we've seen in the trailer, you could've fooled us. But we guess nothing really gets the uber-fans scrambling for spoilers than assembling some of the most famous superheroes into one movie.

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