JCVD: 'Double Impact 2' Script Is Written

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"Double Impact" is arguably one of action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme's best films, for two reasons: It's got double the Van Dammage and another face-off against the great Bolo Yeung (who played his "Bloodsport" nemesis).

When we met JCVD last week, we took the opportunity to ask him about the "Double Impact" days -- and Van Damme began to gush about the possibility of  a sequel.

"I wrote the script with a friend of mine Sheldon - He [co-wrote] "Bloodsport" and "Double Impact" with me," he told us. "Hopefully, somebody smart enough, like an agent or a producer, can put that back together...I'm excited about it, you know?"

One of the things Van Damme stressed was the lack of franchises in his career: "I have no franchise. I lost 'Bloodsport,' 'Lionheart.'"

"'Double Impact' [would be] a great franchise," he told us, explaining how he thinks his twin characters Chad and Alex might have evolved. "Today, Chad would be like the guy in 'JCVD' and Alex would be the guy like 'The Expendables.'"

"I came up with a great story set in Los Angeles. [Chad] is a producer, making pictures with a big house behind him. Alex is gonna go on vacation and has some problems with the Triads. Why?  Because Chad went to Hong Kong and to get some loan money using [Alex's] face, all of that bulls**t. And Alex comes [to Los Angeles] to see Chad and he's full of s**t, has a girl pregnant, and she's the sister of the big boss from South Central. It's like 'Double Impact' in Los Angeles."

Van Damme did and still does have a franchise — the "Universal Soldier" series — but he did try to bring the original's magic back with "Universal Solider: Regeneration." Even Dolph Lundgren came back,  but the film still went straight-to-DVD. He's just completed "Universal Solider: Day of Reckoning" with Lundgren (apparently Sgt. Andrew Scott will not stay dead.) and is slated for a November 30th theatrical release. It looks like his involvement in "The Expendables 2" is already starting to pay off.

Hopefully, we are going to Feel the Impact once more. Give us this, Hollywood.

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