Cee Lo Green and Whitney Houston Shine in New 'Sparkle' Trailer

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All the focus on the upcoming big screen musical "Sparkle" has so far been on the late, great Whitney Houston, and for good reason considering this will be her final film appearance following her untimely death earlier this year.

But today there's a brand new trailer out that reminds the world that "Sparkle" has plenty of other stars in it as well and they are all ready to shine.

In other words, Cee Lo Green isn't just a man, he's the man.

At least, that's our takeaway from this new clip, which features no dialogue at all. Instead, the whole thing is basically a music video for Green's performance of the show-stopping tune "I'm A Man," as the soulful crooner belts out the track while images from the film zip past in montage form.

Don't worry, though, you'll also get a look at Houston, as well as headliner Jordin Sparks and the rest of the excellent cast. But it's Green standing in the spotlight this time around — and we wouldn't want it any other way.

"Sparkle" is set to hit theaters on August 17. Here's a look at the new trailer, courtesy of MTV: