Sound Design is Sexy in 'Nobody Walks' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_141302" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Magnolia Pictures"]Nobody Walks[/caption]

Artsy people just can't seem to help but want to sleep with each other.

Want to plunge yourself into an instant homewrecker situation? Invite a hot 23-year-old lady filmmaker from New York to stay in your guest house in L.A. as she finishes the sound design for her movie.

Opening soda cans and squeezing lemons for sound effects turns into foreplay in "Nobody Walks," a very Sundance-ish looking drama starring Olivia Thirlby as the charming, witty and talented object of desire that arrives to test the marriage of Peter (John Krasinski) and Julie (Rosemarie DeWitt) as she slinks about their hip Silver Lake abode, taking midnight swims in their pool and inspiring long-dormant lusts.

It all looks very precious, but also definitely somewhat ... hot. Check out the trailer below, or in HD at iTunes Movie Trailers. "Nobody Walks" will be available On Demand starting Sept. 6 before commencing with a limited theatrical run on Oct. 12.