Jimmy Fallon Turns Down Oscars Host Invitation

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Update: Looks like no one's going to be auto-tuning the Academy Awards this year, as Jimmy Fallon has officially turned down the invitation to host.

"It's an honor to be asked by the academy, but it's not my year," Fallon told Matt Lauer on "Today."


Hosting the Oscars is no picnic, as James Franco and Anne Hathaway proved in 2011.

It takes style, panache, a way with the crowd, and just enough edge to be funny but not upset the 97-year-olds in AMPAS, all of which Jimmy Fallon possesses. That explains why The Los Angeles Times reports they're in negotiations with the late night comedian to host February's 85th Annual Academy Awards ceremony.

Longtime SNL and "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" producer Lorne Michaels would take the reins of the broadcast. Negotiations are not set in stone, thanks to objections being generated by ABC, who are uncomfortable with NBC talent fronting their big show. ABC has their own rival late night host in the form of ex-"Man Show" impresario Jimmy Kimmel, with both he and Fallon frequently neck-and-neck in the ratings.

Kimmel is busy hosting the Emmy's this year, thus is taken out of the Oscar running, but fans of Fallon can take heart in the fact that ABC has no actual veto power over who gets the hosting gig. Hey, at least he's safer than Ricky Gervais, right?

Fallon is on an extended list of celebrities that could easily better the Oscar host performance of James Franco, a list which also includes The Unknown Comic from "The Gong Show," Sarah the cheetah that broke the land speed record, and Bubo the mechanical owl from "Clash of the Titans."

Originally posted on August 3, 2012 at 11:18am.