Meatballs Instead of Skills: 'Taken' Starring a Real Dad

[caption id="attachment_141098" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Captain Hippo Show"]Taker Starring a Real Dad[/caption]

"Wait, where can I find you? Where can I kill you?"

Let's face it — Maggie Grace is one extremely lucky gal for having Liam Neeson for a father and all. Most other sons and daughters would be doomed for a life of sex slavery if they ever got kidnapped within an hour of arriving in Paris.

The gang over at The Captain Hippo Show is already getting psyched for this fall's release of "Taken 2," as they've re-imagined the scenario of the first movie with, well, the kind of dad who might not have the "particular set of skills" that Neeson had. As one poor young man and his buddies ("They took my buddies!") get snatched from their hotel room, his father is hopelessly stuck in the U.S. as he struggles with slow laptops, GPS settings, suburban rush hour traffic and his neighbor's continuity errors.

Yeah, let's hope what happened to Maggie Grace never happens to the rest of us. Check out how it would probably play out below, and thanks to HappyPlace for the find.