Cool Clicks: Recalling Arnold's 'Total Recall' Commentary

[caption id="attachment_140446" align="alignright" width="220" caption="TriStar Pictures"]Total Recall (1990)[/caption]

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"This is a wonderful scene ... where I, uh, come up to Mars as an old lady." While it may be almost astonishingly uninsightful, Arnold Schwarzenegger's commentary on the original "Total Recall" remains charming and maybe even more entertaining than the movie itself.

Want to say goodbye to your childhood? Don't answer that — just brace yourself and head over to Vulture for a look at what a "Wizard of Oz" poster might look like if someone had Photoshop and a few pics of Gary Busey.

FlavorWireLet's continue with this motif, shall we? If you don't like your movie magic ruined, then definitely don't ever in a million years click on this link. For those of you who want a real peek behind the Hollywood curtain, check out Flavorwire's 25 behind-the-scenes movie photos that will mess with your head.

Film.comSo, what's the status of the "Arrested Development" movie? The poor cast of the much-beloved TV series has been asked this question since the show went off the air in 2006. traces the cast members' many updates on the project from throughout the years, from Jason Bateman in June 2008 through David Cross in June 2012.

An ex showing up in the middle of a date makes for instant awkward tension, especially when that ex is Andy Samberg. MTV Movies has an exclusive clip from "Celeste and Jesse Forever" that will make you want to leap into your computer and rescue Rashida Jones.

Are you prepared to bring back that old-time rock n' roll action? Hey, we're just happy that cranky ol' Chuck Norris didn't have his way with that rumored PG-13 rating. Go behind the scenes of "The Expendables 2" and hear from some (most) of the top action heroes in show biz.

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