Q&A: 'Babymakers' Star Olivia Munn on Simulating Humping and Screaming Ladies

[caption id="attachment_140517" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Getty Images"]Olivia Munn at the "Magic Mike" Premiere[/caption]

Olivia Munn is having a moment.

The G4 and "Daily Show" alum recently shattered Channing Tatum's heart in "Magic Mike" (not to mention providing at least two reasons men would want to see a male stripper movie) and is winning over critics with her dramatic turn in Aaron Sorkin's much ballyhooed HBO series "The Newsroom."

And don't miss her in "The Babymakers," a new comedy directed by Broken Lizard vet Jay Chandrasekhar about a dude (Paul Schneider) who, due to a wacky set of circumstances, plots to rob a sperm bank with his buddies (including BL heavyweight Kevin Heffernan), unbeknownst to his baby-fevered wife (Munn).

We dialed up the Maxim Hot 100 mainstay for the 411 on "Makers" and more.

"Babymakers" isn't technically a Broken Lizard movie, but their handprints are all over it. Are you a fan of their previous work?

Oh, yeah. I mean, my little brother and I bonded over "Super Troopers." I loved, loved "Super Troopers." I've had small parts in the last two of their movies [Munn also appeared in "The Slammin' Salmon"]. I've loved them for a long time.

[caption id="attachment_140536" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Alliance Films"]Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn in "The Babymakers"[/caption]

There's a lot of simulated humping between you and Paul Schneider in this movie. Are those scenes awkward, or are they fun, or a little bit of both?

Well I think I became such good friends with Paul. I always felt really comfortable with him … But I cleared the set completely, video village [and all]. Just because it's comedy, it's still very sexual, and in a way private, so it's more uncomfortable and awkward just because it feels like such a private moment.

Did you and Paul talk about those scenes in advance? Did you come up with a strategy?

Yes, we talked about it. This is my first movie that I've done any sex scenes in. I've never done that before, so this was something we wanted to plan out more because we were shooting on film. And we did that for every single scene that we had. We would discuss it and talk about it so that by the time we got on set, we would be ready to go.

Could you relate to Audrey much? Are you nearing at all a point where you're considering motherhood?

I'm not considering motherhood now … With Audrey, she really loves her husband, and she wants to start a family, and … he's shooting blanks. That's got to be a hard thing for guys, and for her to be supportive of him and to be, like, wanting to help, doing everything to help make a family. I understand what it's like to want something so much and then also wanting the people close to you to not be hurt or feel upset or feel like they're inadequate.

And the biggest thing that I loved about this movie was the dynamic with myself and Paul. I loved the way they joke around … even when he finds out that it's his sperm that's bad, his first reaction is, "Are you sure it's not her?" And my character can laugh at that. It's not this big offensive moment … They've got this really great banter and chemistry and relationship that I just think is more accurate to how my relationships are.

Where do you think "Babymakers" ranks among the all-time great sperm bank comedies? Jennifer Aniston's "The Switch" being the other.

Well, I love the movie with [Jason] Bateman and Aniston, but neither one of them actually break into a sperm bank. A true sperm bank job is like a bank job. You gotta break into a bank, so instead of stealing money, we're stealing sperm … So I think ours might be, when it comes to sperm bank job movies, this would be the top.

Was this the first time you've uttered the words, "You can take your Chinese baby and shove it up your ass"?

Coincidentally, no, it wasn't … Okay it was, it was the very first time, and it felt right. You know, when people are suggesting things that make you mad, you tell them to shove it up their ass. And sometimes the thing they're suggesting is a Chinese baby.

And now you'll say it all the time?

Well, I'm gonna let it get its own legs for the movie and see what happens. If it ever becomes a saying then I'll jump back on the bandwagon.

And have you ever referred to your breasts as cantaloupes before?

No, I haven't. But after seeing the movie, I realized how much cantaloupes, set side by side, do look like breasts.

Those are some sexy cantaloupes in this movie.

They are. Our Art Department tried their best.

[caption id="attachment_140537" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Olivia Munn in "Magic Mike"[/caption]

Speaking of, did you take pride in being the primary reason straight men went to see "Magic Mike"?

You know, somebody said to me, "Well, you know that's good, you being in the movie is bringing the guys in." I'm like, well, I don't think like that. I think the female audience is so overwhelming … so many of us ladies that went to go see it that men were just a blip. If I help bring any men in, then that's nice, but I think that all credit is due to the guys being naked for all of us.

So did you bring your ladies to the movie?

I did. I went to go see it with a bunch of my girlfriends. A lot of people came to the premiere with me, but we went later with a bunch of girlfriends. And we're in there where all the other women are screaming. It's so fun to hear a crowd of women screaming. It's so fun. When I was in the movie theater, it was the middle of a matinee, and it was packed [with ladies screaming].

Do you think the women were actually disappointed that there was more female nudity than male?

I have not heard any complaints from any woman who's gone to see "Magic Mike." But maybe that's what your complaint is, Kevin. Maybe you're just projecting … maybe you're just saying other women and by other women, you mean you.