James Franco Joining the 'Expendables' Crowd on 'Homefront'

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Esteemed Oscar nominee James Franco usually lunches with the coffee crowd, but this fall he'll be rubbing elbows with the likes of Hollywood's brauniest in "Homefront."

Franco has now joined the Gary Fleder-directed flick to portray Gator, "an evil meth magnate" who gets in the way of Jason Statham's character's dream of a happily ever after in a new town, according to Variety. Statham's Phil Broker is a former DEA agent looking for a new, peaceful life, but the town he chooses (and its inhabitants like this Gator figure) doesn't quite fit the mold he needs.

The script for "Homefront" was written by Sylvester Stallone, who also wrote and co-stars with Statham in August's "The Expendables 2."

Producer Avi Lerner said of the newly shaped cast that he "cannot think of a better group... James and Jason are remarkable actors and Gary really knows how to direct this type of film."

Production on "Homefront" will pick up in September in New Orleans.

It's been a while since James Franco got to really tinker with a slimy role like this ("Spider-Man 3" was released more than five years ago), so it should be great fun to watch.