Trailer: A Bunch of Big Stars Have a 'Big Wedding' to Attend

[caption id="attachment_140431" align="alignleft" width="220"]The Big Wedding Lionsgate[/caption]

You can pretty much always tell a good rom-com from a bad rom-com just by looking at the cast. After all, most of these things have some preposterous plot contrivance and then a bunch of life lessons, so it's not the story that's going to make a film original, it's the performances.

And that being the case, you really should check out the new trailer for "The Big Wedding," because it has a rom-com cast to absolutely die for.

First, though, the plot contrivance: A guy (Ben Barnes) who is about to get married (to Amanda Seyfried) discovers that his biological mother is coming to the wedding. One problem: As a devout Catholic, she believes divorce is evil, which is an issue because he never told her that his adopted parents broke up more than a decade ago.

The terrible solution that nobody would ever attempt in real life is for his adopted parents to pretend to still be married. Luckily for film fans, though, those parents are played by Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro, with Susan Sarandon playing De Niro's new wife. Add in supporting turns from Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace and Robin Williams and you've got an all-star cast that seems more than ready to transcend their genre.

Check it out, courtesy of Apple Trailers. Because Hollywood's biggest stars are throwing a "Big Wedding" and we've got your invitation right here.

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