Jason Biggs Gets His Freak On: The 'Magic Mike' You Never Expected

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If you thought Jason Biggs could only bang pies, well, you have got another thing coming thanks to an amazing audition tape Biggs made for "Magic Mike."

And we've got all the air-humping action right up in here, y'all.

Oh, sure, we know what you're thinking: Jason Biggs? The wholesome star of the "American Pie" franchise, sexing it up as a male stripper in "Magic Mike" alongside Matthew McConaughey, Alex Petteyfer and Channing Tatum? That couldn't possibly have happened, right?

Well, probably not. But while many in the online community are dismissing this previously unreleased Biggs audition tape for the role of "Dallas" (the one McConaughey inhabited) as a hoax, one look at his sexy moves may just change your mind. Doing the robot while wearing a cowboy hat and dry humping an imaginary mirror? This is what sequels — and YouTube legends — are made of.

Are you listening, Steven Soderbergh?

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