Chewbacca Headpiece Takes Top Dollar at 'Star Wars' Auction

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Ever wondered how much it would cost to own a piece of "Star Wars" history? We thought so. Your wait is over—because last weekend a variety of props from the iconic franchise hit the auction block. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the world's most famous wookiee commanded the highest price.

That's right, an original Chewbacca headpiece proved to be the item that avid fans and collectors simply could not live without. Profiles in History, who hosted the auction, described the prop as the finest "screen correct" Chewbacca headpiece in private hands.

It's made up of a screen-used full-head cowl finished with period-made facial pieces, including the front jaw, nose, teeth and tongue. The item also included signed photos from Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca, and Stuart Freeborn, who designed the costume. The prop sold for a whopping $172,000, which breaks down to $140,000 price tag plus a $32,000 buyer's premium. (We're not sure what a buyer's premium is, but it sounds fancy.)

But other items drew big numbers too. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a screen-used blaster rifle—the first blaster rifle ever offered for public sale that actually appeared on film—sold for $104,550. In addition, the original concept art for the famous poster from the first "Star Wars" movie raked in an impressive $73,800. That would look cool on our wall and all, but we'd still pick the giant wookiee head.