Finished With 'The Hunger Games'? Read This Next

[caption id="attachment_6033" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Scholastic"]"The Hunger Games" book cover[/caption]

If you cried a little after you realized there were no books left to read in "The Hunger Games" trilogy after "Mockingjay," we've found something that will wipe those tears away.

The staff at the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kan. have created a nifty infographic to help you figure out what to read in your post-"Hunger Games" slump. Simply choose what you're looking for in the book — be it fantasy, environmental disasters or arranged marriages — and follow the path to your next perfect read.

Any of these books would please fans of the Suzanne Collins trilogy and still give them a fresh, new story. There's even a list of classics to choose from so you can beef up your literary knowledge and still feel like you're enjoying some modern fiction.

It's hard to fill the void left after you've finished the "Hunger Games" trilogy, but this chart is sure to help you find a new novel to obsess over, or at least provide the perfect ending to your summer reading.

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