Christian Bale Visits Aurora Shooting Victims

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Jim Gordon isn't the only person Bruce Wayne visits in the hospital.

Christian Bale took a break from the publicity tour of "The Dark Knight Rises" to pay an unannounced visit to a certain Colorado hospital, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bale took it upon himself to visit the victims of last week's shooting at an Aurora movie theater, a crime for which 24-year-old James Holmes has been arrested. A rep from Warner Bros. confirms that Bale's surprise appearance comes completely of his own accord.

Fortunately, the "Dark Knight" star didn't appear in costume, as a recent online petition had suggested.

This was a class act on Bale's part. He had previously made an official statement expressing his sympathies to those impacted by the mass shooting, and showing up at the hospital to give his well wishes to the wounded is a pretty incredible follow-up. Also kudos to the star for not turning his visit into a big media event — in true Dark Knight fashion, he did all of this more or less undercover.

Well, as undercover as Bruce Wayne visiting a hospital could be.