New Trailer Is a Little Ditty About 'Jack and Diane'

[caption id="attachment_139189" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Magnolia"][/caption]

Here's a little ditty about "Jack and Diane." Two American kids doin' the best that they can.

Except one of them may or may not be a werewolf.

Sorry, John "Cougar" Mellancamp, but based on this brand new trailer starring Juno Temple and Riley Keough, it looks like the heartland just took a detour through Transylvania.

Here's the real nitty gritty on this post-modern ditty: Temple (who you may note is not actually American at all) and Keough play a pair of teenagers who fall in love in the big city. But when one of them has to go away overseas to school, it could mean the end of everything they've built. Especially if one of them is a werewolf or... something...

Plus, part of the movie is animated using stop-motion and the soundtrack features new music from co-star and musical legend Kylie "Cougar" Minogue. Sound weird? Well, as the new trailer for "Jack and Diane" proves, sometimes weird is the best way to go.

Check it out, courtesy of Apple Trailers: