Josh Holloway Vs. Chris Brown Is the 'Battle of the Year'

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The Olympic Games are about to start and as always, they feature the world's greatest athletes competing in everything from rowing to running to weightlifting and everything in between. But as much as we love all the cool uniforms, national pride and moving backstories, there's one thing these Olympics are missing: Breakdancing.

Hey there, "Battle of the Year" trailer.

The too-amazing-to-be-real synopsis for you: "Lost" uber-hunk Josh Holloway plays a washed up basketball coach whose best days seem to be behind him, right up until he's approached with a crazy offer — to become the coach of America's top competitive breakdancing squad. And he needs to bring his A-game, because you just know those Koreans have some mad dancing skillz, which is why the good ol' USA, the home of breakdancing, hasn't won the world title in over a decade.

But will Holloway's hardass coaching techniques work with a bunch of streetwise gangbangers like Chris Brown? Step aside, Olympics, and get ready for the real "Battle of the Year," courtesy of New York Magazine:

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