Andrew Stanton Not Sleeping With the Fishes, Directing 'Finding Nemo 2' Instead

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After director Andrew Stanton's live action debut, "John Carter," turned into one of the biggest and highest profile bombs of all time earlier this year — the film caused Disney to write off a $200 million loss — you might think that his career is officially sleeping with the fishes. And you'd be right. Just not in the way you expect.

That's because, according to Deadline, Stanton is returning to the Pixar womb that birthed him as director of "Finding Nemo 2." Looks like Disney is even better at forgetting the mistakes of the past than Dory.

Of course, this isn't a complete surprise; the whole reason Disney gave Stanton such a huge budget for his first live action film is because he previously directed two of the biggest animated hits ever, "Wall-E" and the original "Finding Nemo."

And now it appears that he will be diving into the world of animation again while Disney tries to come up with a second live action feature for Stanton to hone his skills on. Just what Stanton has planned for "Finding Nemo 2" is still unclear — we're pretty sure they did find Nemo at the end of the first film after all — but we're guessing it's going to be pretty big.

After "John Carter," it pretty much has to be.