Guillermo del Toro Gearing Up for ‘Hellboy 3’

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When inspiration strikes, it's time to take action. And that's exactly what Guillermo del Toro is doing.

The director was seemingly touched by Ron Perlman's recent visit to a charity function hosted by the Make A Wish Foundation for two "Hellboy" young fans (yes, Perlman was in full costume) to make their dream of meeting the comic-book character come true—so touched, in fact, that he's now hell-bent on getting a third film up and running, Total Film reports.

"I can say publicly that now we are together in trying [to do "Hellboy 3"]," the director mused. "We're going to make an effort to do it. I hope it happens."

So, what does Perlman think? He's pretty into it. (Hey, we would be too.)

"The first two movies were really set up to have this unbelievable resolve," Perlman explains. "Everything that was done in both movies was leading up to this destiny, written in stone, of what Hellboy has been summoned to Earth to do." In fact, he goes so far as to claim, "To not do it, particularly in light of the scope that Guillermo is thinking of for the resolve, would be in my mind a little bit of a shame."

No word yet on whether the powers-that-be at the studio share del Toro and Perlman's sentiments, but with this kind of a push from the leading men, we should get our answer soon enough, because something tells us Hellboy isn't into waiting.