Are You Ready For 'Ted 2?'

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Comic-Con is filled with curious characters, costumed heroes and fantastic freaks — and those are just the fans enjoying some wholesome cosplay. But this year, one of the biggest stars of the summer isn't a furry, it's a furry talking stuffed bear.

And according to Seth MacFarlane, "Ted 2" may soon be coming to a theater near you.

Not that this is exactly a shock to anybody who has seen "Ted," which at this point is more or less everybody; after all, the Mark Wahlberg comedy has already taken in over $150 million, which is a whole lot of greenbacks for an R-rated film featuring a talking teddy bear.

Still, you never know with this sort of thing (consider Kristen Wiig's decision not to do a sequel to "Bridesmaids"), so fans will be excited to know that according to Deadline, MacFarlane announced during his Comic-Con panel yesterday that he would "be open to making 'Ted 2.'"

Of course, there's still the matter of writing a screenplay, signing all the stars and filming the thing, so it may be a while before "Ted 2" sees the light of day. But we have a feeling that getting the gang back together won't be much of an issue.

After all, when your star is a stuffed bear, the next casting call is just a toy chest away.