Dianna Agron Is One of the 'Badfellas'

[caption id="attachment_42321" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Dianna Agron[/caption]

If you've ever watched "Glee" and thought to yourself, "boy, that Dianna Agron would make a really good mobster," well, first of all you're really weird. But secondly, you somehow read Hollywood's mind, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Agron has just signed on to co-star in the upcoming gangster film "Malavita," which is based on the hit book "Badfellas."

And her dastardly dad will be played by none other than one of the "Goodfellas," Robert De Niro.

Here's the scoop: Adapted from author Tonino Benacquista's popular novel, "Malavita" tells the story of a mafioso (that's De Niro) who moves to France with his wife (Michelle Pfieffer!) and daughter (that's Agron) to get away from the mobsters he ratted out.

But since a leopard can't change his spots, he soon is back to his old ways, which soon draws the attention of the mob right to his little pastoral town. The mob is kind of like the Eye of Sauron in that way.

But our attention is going to totally focused on Agron, who has become a fan favorite thanks to her role as Quinn Fabray on "Glee." And while her full time high school career, Agron appears to be on the verge of graduating to the Hollywood big leagues thanks to films like "I Am Number Four," "Burlesque" and "The Romantics."

So will the mob life suit Agron? With De Niro on hand to share some tips, we have a feeling she's about to become the film equivalent of a made man.