Will Smith Is Going Behind (and Before) the Camera For 'Cain and Abel'

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It's an age-old Hollywood cliche: Actors may become rich and famous in front of the camera, but what they really want to do is direct. And why not, considering so many of them turn out to be really good at it, from Clint Eastwood to George Clooney.

Now you can get ready to add another name to the list of actors-turned-directors, as Deadline is reporting that Will Smith is currently considering making his debut behind the camera for the upcoming biblical epic "Cain and Abel."

Or as Smith might say, he's about to make this directing thing look goooood.

Of course, like many other actors before him, Smith is also reportedly planning to hedge his bets by actually starring in the film as well. Exactly what role he's planning to take is unclear, but given his penchant for only playing heroic or sympathetic characters, we have a feeling he might be suiting up as the doomed Abel — or perhaps even the father of mankind, Adam.

Given the kind of control he'll have as director, actor and producer on the film, though, perhaps it would be more fitting if he played god. And that would only be fitting considering the kind of clout Smith has as one of the most popular and acclaimed stars in the entire world.

So will Smith be as good behind the camera as he is in front of the camera? Well, just consider what happened the last time he switched careers and turned to acting instead of rapping. In other words, look out Scorsese, because there's about to be a new top dog in town.