Fox Finds Directors For 'Fantastic Four' and 'Rust'; Loses One For 'Daredevil'

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With Comic-Con in full swing, expect to be carried away like Noah's ark by the flood of superhero movie news, the tip of the iceberg being 20th Century Fox's triple announcement: two good, one bad.

According to Deadline, Fox has finally confirmed "Chronicle" director Josh Trank to reboot "Fantastic Four," while one of the studio's other big Marvel properties, "Daredevil," is now flying blind without attached director David Slade ("The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"). On the plus side, they've nabbed fan fav Joe Cornish of "Attack the Block" to direct "Rust," an adaptation of Royden Lepp's sepia-toned graphic novel which the studio purchased a year ago.

Trank, the 26-year-old director who earlier this year hit it big with his found footage superhero movie, has been offered a king's ransom in geek properties to direct next, including Sony's "Venom" and PlayStation video game "Shadow of the Colossus." Due to an impending rights expiration, Fox has a burning fire to make "FF" Trank's next thing in order to stretch their ability to make Marvel movies before contracts disappear.

The studio has a similar dilemma with "Daredevil," desperately scrambling for a filmmaker to take over the reboot from Slade and get the film going by this fall before rights revert back to Marvel and Matt Murdock goes from being "The Man Without Fear" to "The Man Without a Studio."

"Rust" tells the story of a mysterious boy named Jet Jones rocking a "Rocketeer"-style jetpack who flies into the life of struggling prairie farmer Roman Taylor, with a massive killer robot following him. The family property landed at Fox after a bidding war, with Aline Brosh McKenna ("We Bought a Zoo," "The Devil Wears Prada") penning the script and Simon Kinberg producing. Cornish is already set to write and direct a film version of Neal Stephenson's seminal cyberpunk novel "Snow Crash" at Paramount, but Fox wants "Rust" to rocket to the top of his priority list.

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