Olivia Wilde and Ron Livingston Make Great 'Drinking Buddies'

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Jay and Mark Duplass went from microbudget mumblecore like "The Puffy Chair" to more mainstream fare -albeit still quirky- like "Cyrus" and "Jeff Who Lives At Home."

Now with "Drinking Buddies" it's time for the grand marshal of the mumblecore parade, Joe Swanberg, will have his shot (or shots) at mass appeal, according to Deadline, by adding Olivia Wilde, Ron Livingston and Jake M. Johnson to a cast headlined by the thinking man's hottie crush, Anna Kendrick.

Swanberg practically founded the mumblecore movement with chatty improv-a-thons like "LOL" or "Hannah Takes the Stairs," and "Drinking Buddies" will also incorporate a ton of loose ad libbed dialogue as it recounts a fun and flirtatious friendship between Livingston and, presumably, Kendrick that goes off the rails.

Livingston is best known for "Swingers" and his slackerific lead role in cult classic "Office Space." Wilde is fresh off of two so-so blockbusters, "Tron Legacy" and "Cowboys and Aliens," of which her gorgeous visage was one of the only redeeming factors.

Jake Johnson plays Nick Miller on Fox's Zooey Deschanel-ified comedy show "New Girl," and also took a rom-com detour with "No Strings Attached."

Swanberg and cast will start knocking 'em back in his home base of Chicago later this summer.

Check out some hot photos of hot Olivia Wilde: