Jessica Biel Faces the Horror of 'The Tall Man' in Trailer

[caption id="attachment_135533" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Image Entertainment"]Jessica Biel in "The Tall Man"[/caption]

The children! Won't anybody think of the children?!

That's what you'll be shouting (while beating your fists into either the ground or the side of your head) once you've had a chance to check out the new international trailer for the upcoming Jessica Biel horror film "The Tall Man." Because something out there is taking the children. Something ... tall.

Okay, we kid because we care. Actually, "The Tall Man" comes with a pretty good horror pedigree, though it should be noted up front that it has nothing to do with the classic horror character of the same name from the "Phantasm" series of films.

Instead, this version of "The Tall Man" — which is also known as "The Secret" in some international markets — is about a creepy urban legend who turns out to be all too real when he shows up in a small town and starts abducting all the children for reasons unknown but probably bad. Biel plays a lady whose precocious tot gets totnapped, setting off a terrible chain of events.

Directed by Pascal Laugier ("The Martyrs") here's a look at the international trailer for "The Tall Man," courtesy of First Showing.