Is 'Big Hero 6' the Next 'Avengers?'

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Be honest: Before you went to see "The Avengers" eight times had you ever even heard of heroes like Hawkeye? Sure, most fans were familiar with Marvel's big guns like "Spider-Man" and "The X-Men," but before Marvel launched their record-breaking family of "Avengers" films with "Iron Man" four years ago, characters like Thor or Black Widow weren't exactly racking up huge Q ratings.

Which is exactly why this news should catch everyone's attention: According to Deadline, Disney has begun work on an animated feature starring the obscure Marvel super-team "Big Hero 6."

So is "Big Hero 6" going to be the next "Avengers?"

Of course, it's hard to expect any film to live up to the standard of "The Avengers," which has become the third highest grossing film of all time both domestically and internationally. But from the moment Disney first acquired Marvel, the idea of Disney's famed animation studio getting a crack at Marvel's stable of characters has been a source of widespread speculation. With two powerhouses like Marvel and Disney working together, who knows what could happen, right?

But it's safe to say just about nobody guessed "Big Hero 6" would be the choice for their first team-up. Debuting back in the late 90's, "Big Hero 6" is a group of Japanese heroes trained by their government to protect the nation from metahuman threats. The characters includes Honey Lemon, a secret agent who can produce weapons and devices of any kind from out of her incredible Power Purse; Wasabi-No Ginger, a chef who fights using psionic sushi knives; GoGo Tomago, a tough talking warrior who must shout her own code name in order to activate her superpowers; and Hiro Takachiho, a 13-year-old boy who acts as team leader thanks to being a Tony Stark level supergenius.

Add in the fact that their base is hidden beneath an amusement park and you have a property that Disney clearly thought was perfectly suited to appeal to both superhero fans and kids of all ages. And you know what?

Given the track record of both Marvel and Disney, we wouldn't bet against them.