June Is Filled With 'Magic' Men and More

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I have to admit that I kept a low profile this June here in "fan girl" world, although looking back on the celebrities I met, maybe it wasn't too shabby after all.

Earlier in the month was the Council of Fashion Designers in America Awards held at the Alice Tully Theater at Lincoln Center, which is often referred to as the Oscars of Fashion. The event was hosted by Seth Meyers and included quite the guest list, including Matt Bomer, Jessica Chastain, Kate Bosworth and Julianne Hough – all of whom I had the pleasure of meeting that night.

With "Magic Mike" and "The Amazing Spider-Man" hitting theaters, the end of the month was an exciting time for me. I've been travelling all over the city trying to meet the likes of Emma Stone, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. How'd it go? Well, read on!

Fashion and Stars Collide at the CFDA Awards

[caption id="attachment_135137" align="alignright" width="300" caption="With Julianne Hough (Lauren Cox)"]Professional Fan Girl and Julianne Hough[/caption]

By the time I arrived in Lincoln Center, the ceremony was already in progress, so I waited for the rush of guests leaving. Julianne Hough was one of the first guests to leave – I was so excited when she came over for pictures. After my turn, I told her that "Rock of Ages" looked amazing and that I couldn't wait to see it. Everyone around me echoed the sentiment and Julianne thanked us all very graciously before getting into her car.

The fun continued when Kate Bosworth came over. I'd never met her and wasn't sure what to expect, but she was incredibly sweet as she took the time to chat with fans before and after each picture. Some fans went on about their favorite movies she's done while others talked about the first time they met her and how she was still just as nice as she had been then. By the time she got to me, I was in awe of how nice she was, even as she pulled me in for a hug in our picture.

"Thank you so much, you’re too sweet," she told me after I thanked her for being so kind.

Oh, and speaking of kind people, Jessica Chastain was also there. If you read my column last month, then you already know that the Oscar nominee is one of nicest celebrities on the planet. This time I was able to speak to her. I congratulated her on the success of "Lawless" at the Cannes Film Festival and told her how excited I am to see it this August.

"I am so excited you’re excited," she said as we took our picture together.

Last of the evening but certainly not least was "Magic Mike" star Matt Bomer. My friends and I have been waiting for what seems an eternity for that movie to be released, so we were very excited. When he came over to take pictures with us, we all told him practically in unison that we could not wait to see "Magic Mike." We even told him we had plans to see it at midnight when it opened, but he didn't seem to believe us as he just laughed at us.

Matt, if you’re reading this, we’ll be at Lincoln Square for the 12:01am tonight if you need visual proof.

Fassbender Bust – What a Shame!

Michael Fassbender was hitting "The Daily Show" for "Prometheus" and I was just sure I'd get my chance to meet him there. Unfortunately, neither he nor the ginger beard he was rocking were able to stop for a picture. He had another event to get to, according to his publicist, so he just gave us a wave before ducking into his car. Sad face.

'Magic Mike' Stars Make the Day Brighter

[caption id="attachment_135187" align="alignright" width="220" caption="With Joe Manganiello (Lauren Cox)"][/caption]

After two busts in a row one morning trying to meet Emma Stone at the "Today" show and Josh Hutcherson at "Good Morning America," I had one thing to look forward to: Joe Manganiello. I reclaimed my spot at the side door of the "Today" show and waited for his arrival, the crowd growing every minute that passed.

When Joe finally showed up I told him that I had been there since 7 a.m. and asked for a picture. He smiled down at me and asked, "You have?" before leaning down to half-hug me while I took our picture together. I thanked him and, as he walked away, I thought I was going to pass out. I am happy to report that the "Magic Mike" star is as nice as he is tall.

Just this morning, I went back to the "Today" show in anticipation of meeting "Magic Mike" himself, Channing Tatum. When I got there, the crowd was minimal and I assumed everyone thought he had pre-taped during his appearance the day earlier. Unfortunately, he arrived rather late but, as they rushed him inside, he promised us, "I'll do it on the way out! I'll be back!"

As soon as Channing was inside I noticed the crowd had swelled ... a lot. Suddenly the sidewalk was packed, there was nowhere to go and I feared the worst for his departure. NBC security took over and put up barricades to clear a path for Channing and passersby, so I quickly claimed a spot in the front to ensure the best chance of getting a picture. Sure enough, out came Channing a little while later vowing to do every barricade from start to finish. I am happy to say that Channing kept his word, and because of his super awesome fan appreciation, I was able to get a picture with him.

Isn't it nice to see that no matter how many movies someone makes,e they still stay grounded enough to show so much love to their fans?

Like many of you, Professional Fan Girl Lauren Cox has always had a fascination with movie stars. She's turned her hobby – hitting premieres and other events in New York City to meet them – into a blog, and now a NextMovie column. Keep up with her adventures meeting celebs by following her on Twitter.

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