Cool Clicks: One of These Books Is the Next 'Hunger Games'

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As "The Hunger Games" bathes in the glow of its box office bounty and hotly anticipated sequel "Catching Fire," studios are buying up promising Young Adult books left, right and center. The Wrap takes a look at some contenders for the next big YA franchise, from "Tiger's Curse" to "Homelander."

Apparently, Andrew Garfield was pretty hard on himself while playing his dream role of Spider-Man — and sometimes in the most profane ways possible. Moviefone talks with the new wall-crawler and Emma Stone about the joys and challenges of "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Film.comSure, "Brave" was a ton of fun, but did it also seem a little more ... Disney-ish than usual? ponders the possibility that Pixar's latest offering might mark the end of the studio's reputation for creating truly original work.

It only makes sense that a movie about a video game villain will have its own video game. reports that Activision and Disney are joining forces to develop a classic, arcade-style side scroller as a story extension to "Wreck-It Ralph," which will hit theaters on Nov. 2.

The PlaylistWhat happens when your first movie dies at the box office, gets savaged by critics and barely makes a blip on the cultural radar? In true Ayn Rand style, you defy the system and make a sequel. Check out the trailer for "Atlas Shrugged - Part 2" at The Playlist.

Twilight LexiconSometimes receiving an award from true fans is better than getting any ol' Oscar. Twilight Lexicon and other major "Twilight" sites recently bestowed the "Lion and Lamb Award" to director Bill Condon for his work on both parts of "Breaking Dawn."

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