Rejoice! Another Hemsworth Brother Is Coming to Hollywood

[caption id="attachment_134031" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Chris and Luke Hemsworth[/caption]

Luke Hemsworth makes three!

The power is strong with the Hemsworth name right now, and big brother Luke wants a piece of the action Chris and Liam Hemsworth have been getting over here in Hollywood. The Australian actor, who's been working in TV down under for nearly 10 years, has decided it's his turn to give L.A. life a try.

Deadline reports that Luke Hemsworth is now fielding scripts from a U.S. agent — the same one who represents Chris and Liam, of course — and intends to move to the States soon (he's only hesitated so far because he's got a wife and three little ones to pack up as well).

Luke, 32, is the oldest of the Hemsworth brother trio. Chris follows at 28, and Liam is the baby of the fam at just 22.

Oldest or not, if and when Luke Hemsworth does finally make it across the pond, he'll be following in Chris' footsteps. It was Chris Hemsworth who made the first plunge in coming to the U.S. a few years back, followed quickly by Liam. The two shared a place in Los Angeles for a while, and, as Liam explained, "Within one week — it was probably the biggest week of our lives — I booked 'The Last Song,' Chris booked 'Thor' and then he booked 'Red Dawn' ... That was three studio films between us, so it was a really, really happy week for us."

The ride has only gotten more thrilling ever since for the Hemsworth duo. Chris has since starred in "The Avengers" and "Snow White and the Huntsman," while Liam solidified his place in the spotlight by nabbing a part in "The Hunger Games."

So, welcome to Hollywood Luke! What's your dream?

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