Liam Hemsworth Gets a 'Paranoia' Love Interest in Amber Heard

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What do you get when you pair one ridiculously good looking person with another ridiculously good looking person? "Paranoia." Wait. What?!

Major she-hottie Amber Heard will become the on-screen love interest of "The Hunger Games" star Liam Hemsworth in Robert Luketic's new thriller "Paranoia," Variety now reports.

In the flick, adapted by Jason Dean Hall and Barry Levy from the Joseph Finder novel of the same name, Hemsworth stars as Adam Cassidy, a corporate peon who finds himself transformed into the pawn in a company spy game. Hemsworth's character tries to climb the corporate ladder by way of some illegal and unfortunate maneuvering and then is suckered into spying on a rival biz to avoid punishment by his boss. He has a one-night-stand with Heard's character but later finds her instrumental in his forced espionage scheming.

Sounds dangerous ... and sexy!

Heard is currently filming Robert Rodriguez's "Machete" sequel, "Machete Kills," and Hemsworth is in the middle of shooting "Empire State" in Louisiana at the moment.

Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Lucas Till are also currently attached to the movie, and production is expected to pick up in July. "Paranoia" will set into theaters on Sept. 27, 2013.

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