First 10 Minutes of 'Kumare' Already Better Than 'Love Guru'

Like many of this summer's most anticipated movies, the new documentary "Kumaré" follows the journey of an individual with a special power, a spiritual guru named Sri Kumaré who blesses his followers with a blue light that shines from the palm of his hand. The film features his attempt to attract followers and spread his teachings in Arizona.

But also like this season's superhero movies, Kumaré is a fictional character, one created by American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi. He dons the appearance and personality of a real guru to explore why Americans seem fascinated with Indian spirituality, going to yoga studios or seeking guidance from gurus.

"Kumaré" already earned some major praise at 2011's SXSW, winning the Feature Film Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature, but if you're still not convinced of how good it is, check out the first 10 minutes of the movie above, courtesy of

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