New 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer:' Don't Piss Off Batman

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We're just one short month away from "The Dark Knight Rises" finally arriving in theaters after what seems like the longest buildup in Hollywood history, but why should you wait even one second longer to get your fix of vigilante justice when there's a brand new full length trailer available right now?

Answer: You shouldn't. Because waiting makes even Batman angry — and as this new trailer proves, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Apologies to the Hulk, of course, but while fans are used to seeing Christian Bale brood dramatically and fight the good fight, one thing he hasn't done much of over the past couple of films is really get royally pissed off.

So the fact that he outright states "I'm angry" in the new trailer isn't just a tease for the excitement to come in "The Dark Knight Rises," it's also a testament to just how far Tom Hardy's roided up creepazoid Bane has pushed Bruce Wayne.

So is great vengeance and furious anger enough to help Batman save Gotham City? Stop waiting and start watching, courtesy of The Film Stage:

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