Josh Duhamel Fights 'Fire With Fire' in New Trailer

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There are a lot of ways to fight fires. For example, water is involved usually, although on some occasions, sand is substituted. When the fires really get out of control, though, the authorities have to go big scale, fighting fires with airplanes, helicopters and hastily constructed trenches.

But Josh Duhamel? That dude just straight up fights "Fire With Fire."

And we've got the new trailer to prove it.

Here's the skinny: In "Fire With Fire," Duhamel plays — you guessed it — a fireman whose life begins to blaze out of control when he witnesses a murder by a notorious psychopath, otherwise known as Vincent D'Onofrio. Naturally, Bruce Willis and Rosario Dawson play cops trying to help Duhamel out by getting him into witness protection stat. And just as naturally, that all goes right into the crapper, which means just one thing: it's time to fight fire with fire.

Oh, and also with 50 Cent. So check out the new "Fire With Fire" trailer, courtesy of indieWire, and get ready. Because this September, Duhamel and company are seriously going to burn this mutha down.