Jean-Claude Van Damme Back to Butt-Kicking in 'Six Bullets' Trailer

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If you've been aching for some good old Jean-Claude Van Damme action, here's a chance to get your fix while you're waiting for "The Expendables 2." The Muscles from Brussels shows off some serious skills in this trailer for "Six Bullets," a direct-to-DVD movie that will hit the shelves August 21st.

When Andrew Fayden's daughter is kidnapped, he goes to the best in the kid-rescuing biz, Samson Gaul (JCVD). The ex-mercenary has the skills to pay the bills, and luckily Fayden (Joe Flanigan) is a former MMA fighter with a sweet tribal neck tattoo, so between them no butt goes unkicked during their search for Becky (Charlotte Beaumont).

"Six Bullets" leans on the real problem of human trafficking in Eastern Europe for the plot, which reminds us of another angry papa bear with "a very particular set of skills" and a kidnapped daughter.

"Finding people, it's what I do," Samson says with an air of melancholy. Later he dons glasses for an even more tortured intellectual vibe.

Will this hearken back to his intense performance in the semi-biographical "JCVD" as a washed-up action star? Perhaps not, since he definitely gets into a fight in a gnarly meat locker and also threatens some other baddie's eyeballs. There also seems to be some sort of explosive device involving a tripwire and some unfortunate fellow's groin. Frankly, we don't have a great feeling about the police, either.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you're up for some '80s-style action or if "The Expendables 2" will whet your whistle when the time comes. Plus, take a look at our list of Jean-Claude Van Damme's best movie moments.