Zachary Levi Gets Cosmic For 'Thor 2'

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Bad news for Zachary Levi fans: His cult hit TV series "Chuck" is still cancelled. Good news for Zachary Levi fans: That means he has plenty of free time to pursue his movie career and appear in films like, say, "Thor 2."

Sorry, Charlie, but that's what we call a win.

Of course, hardcore fans will recall that Levi was originally slated to appear in "Thor" but had to bow out at the last second when "Chuck" performed one of its patented miraculous returns from the television graveyard. Which must have been a disappointment on some level for Levi, as "Thor" only went on to become a huge international blockbuster hit.

When you're as cool as Levi, though, the universe has a way of righting those wrongs. Case in point: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Josh Dallas, who played Thor's right hand man Fandrall the Dashing, has had to drop out of the sequel, ironically enough because of TV commitments (to his hit series "Once Upon a Time").

And that means that Levi may have a chance to step in, which is especially fitting considering Fandrall was the role he was supposed to play in the first place. Honestly, could that work out any better for everyone?

Of course, the deal isn't yet finished, so Loki could throw a wrench in the works at the last moment. But for now, it appears that justice may be served. And isn't that what "Chuck" was all about to begin with?