Christopher Nolan Absolutely Will Not Do Any More Batman Movies

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Ever since Christopher Nolan announced that "The Dark Knight Rises" would be his final Batman movie, fans have been hoping that the director would have a change of heart. After all, considering how popular his first three Batman films have been, doing a fourth movie only makes sense, right?

Well, according to indieWire, Nolan has heard your pleas and after careful consideration, he revealed his answer to those prayers at this weekend's Produced By Conference. That answer?


Of course, Nolan had plenty of other things to say during his long and informative chat with Producers Guild of America National Executive Director Vance Van Petten. For instance, he spoke about his early work with wife and filmmaking partner Emma Thomas as well as his dislike of filming in digital. But really, the main things fans wanted to know is just why he was being such a hardass about that darn fourth "Dark Knight" film. And what do you know, he answered that too.

"Mainly, because I'm superstitious," Nolan said. "But I said to my brother [writing partner Johnathan Nolan] that I didn't want to save anything. We're never on a specific trajectory, but I always viewed Bruce Wayne's story in three parts. I didn't want to hold anything back. I think you learn so much from the audience. You don't know what you’ve made until you've put it out there."

So that's it, folks. Sorry, show's over. But at least there is a bright side. When asked what they were going to make instead of "Batman 4," Thomas replied, "we're going to do a film that appeals to us. We make movies that we'd like to see."

Which can only mean one thing: "Inception 2." Right, Chris? Right?!

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