Behold the Terror of ... 'Mrs. Doubtfire?!'

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The premise is downright creepy: A recently divorced husband decides to watch over his children first hand by infiltrating his ex-wife's household in the disguise of a female nanny. Then he begins plotting his revenge from within their very home, all while pretending to be their loving, caring mentor. It's sick.

And as you may have recognized, it's also the plot of the classic robin Williams comedy "Mrs. Doubtfire" — which has now been re-imagined as the horror film it was always meant to be. Thanks, internet!

Co-starring Sally Field as the estranged wife, "Mrs. Doubtfire" was a feel-good hit when it debuted back in 1993. But viral creator Peter Javidpour has taken that original trailer and, with just a few new cuts and some creepy music, revealed the dark underbelly hiding beneath Williams' fake saggy boobs.

Take a look, courtesy of Vulture. And prepare to learn the true meaning of fear.

Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut) from Peter Javidpour on Vimeo.