Samuel L. Jackson Booked for 'RoboCop' Remake

[caption id="attachment_83145" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Samuel L. Jackson[/caption]

Samuel L. Jackson is packing his bags for Old Detroit.

The producers of "RoboCop" have just said "Thank you for your cooperation" to the prolific character actor as he's signed on to star in the sci-fi action remake, according to Heat Vision.

Jackson will play Pat Novak, a charismatic TV mogul and a powerful force in the RoboCop world. He joins a cast that includes Gary Oldman as RoboCop's scientist creator and Joel Kinnaman as Officer Alex J. Murphy, the slain Irish flatfoot who's reborn as a law enforcement cyborg.

"Pat Novak?" RoboCop's "scientist creator?" It sounds like this new take on "RoboCop," penned by Nick Schenk, James Vanderbilt and Joshua Zeturner, is going to have very little in common with the original 1987 written by Ed Neumeier and directed by Paul Verhoeven. We should probably stop speculating on who's going to play the villainous Clarence Boddicker (played so memorably by Kurtwood Smith in the original), as it doesn't look like that character — or most of the others from the original film — will be featured in the remake.

Samuel L. Jackson was most recently seen working the eye patch as Nick Fury in "The Avengers." He's currently filming Quentin Tarantino's revenge drama, "Django Unchained," which will hit theaters on Dec. 25.

"RoboCop" will commence with production in Toronto in September with a look toward a Summer 2013 release date.