'Captain America 2' Finds New Direction

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You've got to hand it to Marvel: When it comes to selecting directors, they certainly think outside the box. Classic thespian Kenneth Branagh for "Thor?" "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon for "The Avengers?" Jon Favreau, who previously was best known as Vince Vaughn's wingman, for the film that started it all, "Iron Man?" Big gambles and big, big payoffs.

All of which is our way of saying that it shouldn't be a surprise that Deadline is reporting that Marvel has selected the Russo Brothers to helm "Captain America 2."

It shouldn't be, but it still is.

In the annals of Hollywood brother teams, after all, the Russo Brothers aren't quite up there with the Cohen Brothers just yet. Or the Farrelly Brothers. Or even the Wachowski Brothers. In fact, you may not have even heard of Joe and Anthony Russo, whose last big screen effort was the 2006 comedy "You, Me and Dupree."

Since then, though, the pair have turned to television, where they have achieved success as producers and directors for the hit comedies "Community" and "Happy Endings." And that apparently was enough to catch the eye of the execs at Marvel, who have been looking for a replacement for the first "Captain" director Joe Johnston.

So will the Russo brothers prove to be as adept at big screen superheroics as they are at small screen comedy? It's another big gamble, but given Marvel's track record, we certainly wouldn't want to bet against them.

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